Registration for the pubic ice skating session is a new service that is offered to visitors of the ice arena, which is convenient and saves time

The Liodohrai universal educational training center has become a favorite place for the family leisure in our town and region. It is a place where schoolchildren together with the whole classes like spending their free time, not only from Bohuslav, but also from Myronivka, Maslivka, Lysianka, Tarashcha, Korsun…

Liodohrai is trying to do everything for comfort, positive emotions and bright impressions for the guests of the center. Since April of this year, there are services for the very young ice skaters, those who make the first steps on the ice, they are offered “Helpers” which are safe and reliable.










And in July another new was offered. It is registration for the pubic ice skating session.

Since July 12, 2019, a function was introduced on the site of the Bohuslav Ice Arena, which allows ice skating fans to save their time significantly and it improves the quality of service. The registration for the pubic ice skating session is opened in automatic mode.

Visitors of the site can reserve places for the pubic ice skating that is very simply and it doesn’t take a lot of time, you can choose day and time. A step-by-step instruction of registration can be found on the menu of the Pubic Ice Skating site.

Anyone who writes the email address can receive a notification of the reservation of the needed number of places for the public ice skating at the chosen date and time.

Remind, that the pubic ice skating schedule is formed for a week and is updated every Monday.

In addition, visitors of the site can follow the forming of a group (public ice skating can be available in the group of 20 people at least) and register for the time when the group is forming.

Also, in the schedule you can see the cancellation of public skating because of technical reasons. There is a corresponding cell in the schedule where the word “cancelled” appears. Therefore, we ask our guests to look at the schedule on the site just before leaving for the ice arena.

We can say that this function is exclusive, it was developed according to our order, other Ukrainian ice arenas do not offer such services for their visitors. The possibility of registration for public ice skating will be especially useful for our guests who are coming from faraway places, because the visitors to the Bohuslav ice arena come from different places.

We hope that our news will inspire children, young people and families to join actively to our active leisure. All in all, such leisure is not only fitness, but also improving relations through positive emotions, through the creation of a new family tradition!

So, we invite. Come to Liodohrai!