Ice Arena Liodohrai

Liodohrai is a promising social project of the company M.S.L., which is the largest state lottery operator in Ukraine.

The main activity of Liodohrai is to provide opportunities for regular training for both young hockey players and skaters from the nearest districts of Bohuslav town, from all over Ukraine and abroad.

The first stone of the future complex was laid in the spring of 2013 and for a relatively short time, on November 6, 2014, Liodohrai’s doors were solemnly opened to all visitors.

For the construction of the complex, the most optimal project was chosen, the building of which the Ukrainian company was engaged in. The construction materials were bought from the native manufacturers as soon as possible. Also it was used foreign equipment and materials.

The total price of the project was about $ 3 million.

The winter sports center of Liodohrai is equipped with a modern power plant, which works on sunflower husk and completely provides the object with heat. The children train, and the adults relax here in spite of the situation with gas supplies.

MSL obliged to ensure the activation of Liodohrai for at least the next 10 years.

On the basis of the complex there are schools of ice hockey and figure skating, a training and choreographic halls.

The young people from Bohuslav town in hockey and figure skating schools are prepared by a professional team of coaches including Ukrainian hockey champion Alexander Yakovenko; Halyna Kuhar, a candidate master of sports Andrey Savchenko and choreographers.

The main mission of this project is to give the opportunity for anyone to practice their favorite sport despite of where they live.

A small Bohuslav town was elected for the construction of the universal training center Liodohrai because of the ancient ice hockey traditions in this town.