About Bohuslav Town

Bohuslav is a small town located on the territory of the Kyiv region.

In addition to the magical name, it attracts tourists with its fascinating history and outstanding cultural and entertaining places. The mazing architectural monuments, steep banks of the River Ros and incredible hospitality of the locals will not leave anyone indifferent.

Founded: 1032 year
Population: 16864 people
Total area: 71 sq. km

Interesting Places

Traveling in the mysterious places of Ukraine, you should definitely visit the glorious Bohuslav town, where everyone has the opportunity to find an interesting place for him. In this corner of the Kyiv region, you will see a variety of museums, ancient stone houses, monasteries and churches where each of these structures has its own fascinating history. But the town itself has not less interesting past.

The history of Bohuslav town began back in 1032. The city was founded by the Kyiv’s prince Yaroslav the Wise. There are several options for the origin of the town: geographical and historical. The first fact is the town was named after the River Boguslavka, which flows into the River Ros. According to another version, Prince Yaroslav invented the name after a raid of nomads, naming it as “God be praised!”
So far, the town has survived many more events, destruction and restoration. The inhabitants of Bohuslav are proud of that time when Boguslav people participated in the uprisings, which were led by Krystof Kosinski as well as Severin Nalyvayko.

In addition to a rich history, Bohuslav town also has a rich industrial infrastructure, has a large number of enterprises, grand quarries, plants and factories of different specializations.

Do not fail to visit cultural and tourist places of the town. In Bohuslav, you can visit such wonders as Bohuslav’s Kamenitsia (where the museum of modern decorative art is located today), the Trinity Orthodox Church, St. Nicholas Monastery, the Museum of the Bohuslav History, where you can get to know more about the fascinating history of this region’s past. Certainly, such places as the Marco Vovchok Museum and the Ivan Soshenko Museum are worth seeing. An outstanding place of Bohuslav is a monument to the famous woman of the Bohuslav citizens who is a legendary Ukrainian heroine Marusia Bohuslavka.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Bohuslav and the geological landmark of nature. It’s Bohuslav granite quarry. In the valley of the River Ros, granite blocks, ingrown into the ground, are spectacularly scattered along its slopes. Their age is at least 2 billion years. And in the place where Ros with two arms washes a granite island, picturesque rapids are formed. One of such places is called “Yama”. This outstanding place has unique landscapes, will not leave anyone indifferent. Bohuslav is a town of history, clergy, churches and prominent personalities.

Advices for Guests

Traveling through this magical place guests have several options for staying for a night at one of the hotels in Bohuslav or at the local residents feeling their warmness and goodwill. You should definitely visit the Boguslav granite quarry and especially so-called “Yama” because such a geological miracle is a unique phenomenon.

And for everyone who wants to get a special pleasure and feeling of drive, we firmly recommend visiting the new Universal training center for winter sports Liodohrai, which is the lottery operator MSL was built in 2014 because it has already managed to get into all excursion programs that are held once in Bohuslav town.