School of Figure Skating Liodohrai

Figure skating is a dynamic sport for active and energetic children!
If a girl is growing up in your family she should definitely join to the school of figure skating Liodohrai!

Why is figure skating?

Figure skating is not only interesting, but it’s also very healthy for children. This sport is useful for posture, develops flexibility and agility, a positive effect on the immune system, especially with frequent respiratory diseases, and also strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The history of figure skating is rich in examples when children became champions, who at first did this sport only for recreational purposes.

Who is it for?

The school of figure skating includes groups that are parted according to the age and the training level of children.

INITIAL TRAINING for children who are 3-5 years old. The program includes lessons in the choreographic hall and ice training. Each lesson includes a set of warm up exercises, the studying of basic elements of figure skating as well as the basic technique of sliding.

What else is interesting?

The students will learn to differ the Libell from the Swallows and learn how the Deer jump is performed. Professional coaches use not only the classic methods of training, but also various outdoor games on the ice, which will allow you to stand on the skates more confidently.

Who conducts training?

Qualified trainers: