Public ice skating

The Liodohrai Ice Arena is an ideal place for active leisure for all

The Ice Arena provides public ice skating sessions. You can rent our skates and “Helpers” for the kids who are taking the first steps on the ice and also use a locker. On this page you can reserve places for the public ice skating session (view below: “Public ice skating register”).

List and prices of the Liodohrai services are:

Public ice skating ₴ 100 /hryvnias/ (45 minutes) – adult
₴ 80 /hryvnias/ (45 minutes) – kids
Rental of “Helpers on the ice” ₴ 50 /hryvnias/ (45 minutes)
An instructor’s services ₴ 100 /hryvnias/ (45 minutes)

Helpers on the ice

Register for the public ice skating session

Step 1. Click on the date and time you want to skate (if the cell is inactive, the group is formed, you need to choose another time)
Step 2. Specify the number of places that you want to reserve (one visitor to the site can register to 30 people)
Step 3. Specify your contact details (name, telephone and accommodation are required for quick contact with you if it is necessary, if you specify an email address, you will receive a message about the date and time of the public ice skating session and the number of reserved places for you)
Step 4. Follow at this page
• forming of the groups (Public ice skating session will be available if there are 10 people at least)
• cancellation of the public ice skating because of technical reasons

If the group is not formed, you must register for another time

If you cannot come for the public ice skating session, you must cancel reservations in advance by phone: +380 68 980 3481 (Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 16:00)

На даний момент немає катань.
Date and time of public ice skating:
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The total number of places can not exceed 20
The number of places for one reservation cannot exceed 20