Infrastructure in the Ice Arena Liodohrai

The ice arena is entirely equipped with all modern demands, which are designed to create ideal conditions for both training and competitions of the town, Ukrainian and international levels.

General characteristics of the infrastructure of the ice arena in Liodohrai are

• The basis of the ice field is rubble. The equipment was made in France for the ice freezing is built in it;

• The heating of the whole complex is provided by the modern ecological power plant operating on sunflower husks;

•The total area of ​​the ice field is 1, 755 m2 (30 m2 width, 60 m2 length);

• A tribune for fans is designed for 150 seats;

•A hall of choreography with machine tools and mirrors. The total area is 119 m2;

• A gym with dressing room. The total area is 115 m2;

• There are 4 separate locker rooms, 2 are for hockey players, the total area is 53 m2 and 2 are for skaters, the total area is 44 m2. All locker rooms have got a bathroom and shower rooms;

• A medical center, the total area is 25 m2;

• The safety of visitors near the ice arena is provided by protective fields: plastic shields and a glass curtain;

• A radio box;

• The modern lighting (the total number of lighting elements of the field are 45 lamps);

• The ventilation system that maintains a constant temperature on the ice field -10° С (annually);

• Air temperature between +10° C -+13°C;

• An electronic scoreboard that shows the match score, air temperature and time;

• A cafeteria;

• A souvenir shop.