Ice Hockey School Liodohrai

Hockey is a dynamic and courageous sport, for active and energetic children! If a boy is growing up in your family he should join a hockey school!

Why should you play hockey?

Ice hockey lessons will help direct the child’s energy to the right direction, develop responsibility, discipline and endurance in it. Our school will help you to find true friends and a passion for life.

Doctors have proven that systematic hockey exercises strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, the musculoskeletal system. Ice hockey is especially useful for those children who have been chosen to frequent catch colds. During training, both the lower and upper parts of the body are involved, thanks to which the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen and back are perfectly worked out. Depending on the intensity of the game, up to 500-600 kilocalories are burned per hour. It’s hard to achieve better quenching than regular ice training. Hockey brings up real men who know how to “take a punch” in any situation.

Hockey skating, stick and puck possession techniques develop extraordinary strength and speed qualities in kids.
The game of ice hockey gradually improves motility and hones movements, making them correct and fast. Drive, emotions, intense workouts and professional coaches are waiting for your child in the hockey school Liodohrai.

Who is it for?

The first age category is the youngest group from 4 to 7 years old.

What else is interesting?

After ice training, children have the opportunity to take part in clubs and washers on plastic, an ice substitute.

Once a week, children do gymnastics in the dance hall.

Who conducts training?

Qualified trainers, masters of sports: