March 30-31, 2019 Shershni team and Morski Vovky team (2007) met together at the Bohuslav Ice Arena

On March 30 and 31, 2019, the regular matches of the Ukrainian Interregional Children’s Hockey League were taken place in Bohuslav.

In the age group U 12 (2007) there was the Shershni team (Bohuslav, a head coach is Matviychuk Oleksandr) and the Morski Vovky team (Odesa, a head coach is Oleh Maiuk).

In the end of the matches guests‘ team has won with the following results: March 30 – 2: 7; March 31 – 3: 4 (b).

The most successful players of the Shershni team was Vysotenko Maksym (number 4) who scored three goals into the rivals’ gate, Seredovych Yakov (number 25) and Kalsin Artem (number 34) who scored into the opponent’s gate once each of them.

The Liodohrai Ice Arena and an operator of state lotteries MSL congratulate the winners!