On March 23-24, 2019, the Shershni team and Donbas team met at the Bohuslav Ice Arena (2007)

On March 23 and 24, 2019, the regular matches of the Ukrainian Interregional Children’s Hockey League were taken place in Bohuslav town.

In the age group U 12 (2007) the Shershni team (Bohuslav town, a head coach is Matviychuk Oleksandr) and the Donbas team (Druzhkivka town, a head coach is Sumets Dmytro) met together.

The Donbas team was a serious rival for the Shershni team. So, the guests’ team won the matches with the following results: March 23 – 2: 7; March 24 – 0: 9.

The most successful were the following players of the Shershni team: two goals in the rival’s gate were scored by Terzi Artem (number 31), goals transfers were done by Trushchenko Bohdan (number 99) and Tuchyn Ruslan (number 26).

The Liodohrai Ice Arena and an operator of state lotteries MSL congratulate the winners, and wish the Bohuslav team to do better next time and to take into account mistakes and experience to go confidently to the future victories!