On March 4-6, 2019, the last stage of the All-Ukrainian competitions of young figure skaters was taken place in Bohuslav town 

A real holiday of sports and beauty was taken place in Bohuslav in early March!

Our town’s residents and guests could enjoy the most elegant winter sports at Liodohrai, the fifth stage of the All-Ukrainian competitions of young figure skaters, the last before the final, which will be taken place in Odesa.

Sportsmen from Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Chernihiv, Rivne, Bila Tserkva and Kyiv came to Bohuslav.

The pupils from Bohuslav Figure Skating School (UTTC Liodohrai) also took part in the competitions. They were Iuliana Vilhan (performing in the category of girls born in 2007-2008), Ania Zaporizhska (girls born in 2008-2009) Luka Imedashvili (boys born in 2009-2010), Alina Onyshchenko (girls born in 2008-2009), Milana Sira (girls born in 2009-2010), Maryna Feldi (girls born in 2007-2008).

Bohuslav figure skaters showed high results demonstrating all their skills and beauty in this kind of sport. Milana Sira and Luka Imedashvili won gold medals in their categories, Alina Onyshchenko and Luka Imedashvili went into the final, Ania Zaporizhska took the 5th place without taking only 1.5 points to the bronze medal.

Andrii Savchenko who is a coach of Bohuslav Figure Skating School, an organizer of the competition told us that since October the qualifying stages had been passed in Ukraine, 260 figure skaters in different age categories came from all over Ukraine to the 5th stage, the smallest who born in 2011, the oldest, who were candidates for the master of sports, who had already represented Ukraine at international competitions, aged 16-18 years.

Oksana Dolhopolova, who was a technical specialist in the competition told us that the geographical range of the participants in the All-Ukrainian competitions was constantly expanding, which shows the prospects of the development of this sport in Ukraine. She assessed the work of the judiciary and noticed that all judges who assessed figure skaters’ performances had a national category and met all the requirements necessary for judging competitions of this level. Oksana Dolhopolova noticed that Ukraine had future in figure skating, which depends on many factors: the good work of the regional Figure Skating Federation, the coaches’ hard work and also parents and athletes themselves. She expressed her hope that soon our skaters would definitely represent Ukraine at the international ice arenas because Ukraine had a very long history in this sport.

A report about the 5th stage of theAll-Ukrainian competition so young figure skaters at Liodohrai can be seen on Lyodogray-YouTube.

Remind that the Final All-Ukrainian competition of young figure skaters will be taken place on April 08-11, 2019 in Odesa city.

Photos of Dmitriy Putintsev were used in the article.