On January 19 and 20, 2019, games of the Fifth Round of the Prydniprovska Hockey League Ice Hockey Championship among youth 2007year of birth were taken place

On the 19th and 20thof January 2019there were the Ukrainian Open Championship games of the KRO FSS CYSS Dynamo ice hockeyamong boys of 2007 yr. of birth.

Тhe teams Shershni (Bohuslav, a coach is O.M. Matviychuk), Dnipro (Kherson, a coach is V.M. Zhytnyk), Sparta (Lutsk, a coach is Y.O. Vorobiov), Kryvbas (Kremenchuk, a coach is D.K.Berezyn) and Sokil (Kyiv, a coach is D.O.Vovk).

Tour results:
Shershni – Sparta 11: 0
Dnipro – Sokil 4: 2
Kryvbas – Sparta 4: 1
Shershni – Sokil 3: 0
Kryvbas – Dnipro 2: 5
Dnipro – Sparta 8: 1
Sokil – Kryvbas 2: 1
Shershni – Dnipro 0: 5
Sokil – Sparta 12: 1
Shershni – Kryvbas 3: 4 (b)

Beginning of the second round of the championship was really brilliant. All teams were very motivated to acheive higher position in the tournament table of the second round. But for most teams the main matches are still ahead: only the Dnipro team, having gained 12 points, significantly improved its tournament position.

In the fight between Sokil and Shershni, Bohuslav team was stronger. Ivan Hozhyi (number 9), Yakov Seredovych (number 25) and Vladyslav Sivachenko(number 10)  added one poit  into the score each.

The battle between Sparta and Shershni ended with a big gap account and Lutsk team had lost the game. Artem Kalsin (number 34), Vlad Zaporizkyi (number 28), Yakov Seredovych (number 25), Maksym Vysotenko (number 4), Artem Kapusta (number 18) added points to the score.

The most interesting matches of this tour were the game Kryvbas against Sokil and Shershni. The following players of the Shershni scored the Kryvbas gate: they are Yakov Seredovych(number 25) and Maksym Vysotenko (number 4). The game ended with bulls.

The next and last round for Shershni (2007) before the play-off will be held in March this year in Bohuslav.

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