For four years, on the ice arena, which is situated in a picturesque Bohuslav town has being met well-known Ukrainian and world sportsmen and brought up future champions

For four years, on the ice arena, which is situated in a picturesque Bohuslav town, has being met well-known Ukrainian and world sportsmen and brought up future champions.

Since then, on December 24, 2012, the history of the Universal Training Center Liodohrai began, the ceremony of signing an investment agreement between the State Lotteries Operator MSL and the Kyiv Regional State Administration about the building up of a new winter sports center in Kyiv region has been taken place.

After all, in the end of December, it was a sports holiday again and, also, a winter holiday and children’s joy holiday in Liodohrai.

The students of the Bohuslav Humanitarian College named after I.S. Nechui-Levytskyi, who are engaged in the Children’s Animation Studio under the direction of Tetiana Romanivna Lysenko, created wonderful mood for the youngest and the oldest Bohuslav inhabitants. At the first steps, they engaged Liodohrai guests into a fairy tale action.

The Liodohrai guests were able to see the ice hockey and figure skating schools’ achievements: watching performances by young figure skaters, who were winners of national and international competitions many times, a hockey match between a children’s national team Shershni and a parents’ team, which  was cheered up not only by fans, but also by players.

It is pleasant to note, that the Liodohrai children’s ice hockey team quickly gained a high level of recognition and now it is a competive team with the capital hockey clubs and also with the other cities of Ukraine. For 2014-2018 years, the Shershni team has won 9 times. In 2017/2018 season Shershni took the 4th place in the Kyiv Open Championship, entered to the final group of the Ukrainian Championship (the 5th place). The Shershni team(2009-2010) had taken the 1-st  place in the All-Ukrainian Hockey Championship in Kalush, that was one of the last achievements in 2018/2019 season.

There are also figure skaters’ achievements. For the four seasons 445 young sportsmen have taken part at different levels’ competitions, where 317 Liodohrai’s pupils have taken the prize places. On December 14, 2018, Milana Sira took the 2nd place in the 3rd stage of the Ukrainian Cup, that was the latest achievement of our figure skaters.

The operator of state lotteries MSL presented the pupils of Liodohrai a trip to a fairy tale for their significant success and sports achievements. Forty young sportsmen are going to visit the Kyiv Sports Palace and to watch a magnificent New Year’s show Nutcracker on the ice, that will be performed by true professionals under the accompaniment of the symphony orchestra.

Also, the guests of the ice arena could enjoy the famous Ukrainian authors’ songs, that were performed by Roman Iukhymovych Tivin and his band. Every person in the hall was touched by the concert!

The holiday ended with a draw of valuable prizes from the operator of state lotteries MSL. Five families went home from Liodohrai with prizes!

How can we sum up four seasons of Liodohrai?

More than 500 hockey matches of the Open Cup of Kyiv region, the Ukrainian Championship (Interregional Children’s Hockey League), The Ukrainian Hockey Tournaments took place on the Bohuslav Ice Arena.

During 2014-2018 years, the UTTC Liodohrai hosted three figure skating championships of the Kyiv region, three championships of figure skating among amateurs, three All-Ukrainian figure skating championships and one international figure skating competition.

For three years, the figure skaters from all over the world have been training here: Belgium, Estonia, Croatia, France, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Iran, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates. In 2018, for the first time, a summer meeting at the Bohuslav Center was performed by the figure skaters from Lithuania and young hockey players from Turkey.

The Ukrainian Youth Ice Hockey Team has been training in Liodohrai, preparing for the World Championship for three seasons.

In 2018 – 2019 season, for the first time, the Ukrainian National women’s ice hockey team, that was revived, is training for World Championship games in the Bohuslav Ice Arena.

But Liodohrai is not only the ice arena, which meets completely all the modern requirements, and it is also an ideal place for training and competitions at the national and international levels. It’s not only a professionals’ team. Liodohrai is a favourite place for active leisure and family relaxation among the inhabitants of nearly Kyiv and Cherkasy regions.