On December 22-23, 2018, Shershni and Dnipro teams met at the Bohuslav Ice Arena (2007 year of birth)

On December 22-23, 2018, the regular matches of the Ukrainian Interregional Children’s Hockey League were taken place in Bohuslav.

In the age group U 12 (2007) there were teams of Shershni (Bohuslav, aheadcoachis O.M. Matviychuk) and Dnipro (Kherson, acoachis R.M.Tesliuk).

The match results are:

On December 22, the Shershni team won with a score of 5: 4;

December 23, the Dnipro team won with a score of 2: 8.

The following players of Shershni teams coredgoals: five goals were scored by Artem Terzi (number 31), Ruslan Tuchyn (number 26) and Iulian Tovkach (number 3) scored one goaleachtotheopponents’gates.

Effective transfers were made by Victor Chaika (number 7), Andrii Baibarza (number 14), Anton Karpenko (17), Ruslan Tuchyn(number 26), Andrii Lisovyi (number 95), Bohdan Trushchenko (number 99).

The Ice Arena Liodohrai and an operator of state lotteries MSL congratulate the winners, and wish the Bohuslav team to go confidentlyto the new victories!