And the victory of Shershni again!
On November 24-25, 2018, the teams of Shershni and Kryzhynka (2006) met on the Bohuslav Ice Arena

On November 24-25, 2018, regular matches of the Interregional Children’s Hockey League of Ukraine took place in Bohuslav.

At the age group U 13 (2006) there were teams Shershni (Bohuslav, a head coach was Matviychuk O. M.) and Kryzhynka (Kyiv, a coach was Hnidenko A. M).

The results of matches are 4: 0 (November 24) and 4: 2 (November 25) in favor of the pupils from Liodohrai.

The goals scored by the following players of the team Shershni: Lisovyi Andrii(number 95) scored three goals to the opponent team, Terzi Artem (number 31) also scored three goals, Martynenko Vladyslav (number 55) and Tovkach Uilian (number 3) scored one goal each.

The effective transfers were made by Baibarza Andrii (number 14) and Trushchenko Bohdan (number 99).

The ice arena Liodohrai together with the operator of state lotteries MSL wish Shershni the future victories!

Let’s be patient!