At the Bohuslav Ice Arena met the teams Shershni and Kryzhynka (2007)

On November 17-18, 2018, regular matches of the Interregional Children’s Hockey League of Ukraine took place in Bohuslav.

At the age group U 12 (2007) there were teams Shershni (Bohuslav) and Kryzhynka(Kyiv).

November 17, the players of the team Kryzhynka with a score of 4: 9 won.

November 18, the game ended with a score of 6: 5 in favor of Shershni was in the overtime, the Bohuslav team beat Kyiv tram for the bulites. Effective passes and goals were made by the  players of the team Shershni, who were Kapusta Artem (number 18), Vysotenko Maksym (number 4), Seredovych Yakov (number 25). The decisive bulldog scored Vysotenko Maksym. It was the brilliant play of a goalkeeper Stepenenko Artem (number 96).

The ice arena Liodohrai together with the operator of the state lotteries MSL wish the pupils of Liodohrai the future victories!

Let’s keep cheering up on!